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Outsourcing Survey

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Research paper Outsourcing decision support: a survey of benefits, risks, and decision factors Tibor Kremic NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and Oya Icmeli Tukel and Walter O. Rom Operations Management Department, College of Business Administration, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this study is twofold. The first is to provide a structured review of the vast amount of outsourcing literature that has accumulated in the past two decades using a decision support framework. The second purpose is to statistically analyze the contents of the studies to identify commonalities as well as gaps, in order to suggest directions for future research. Design/methodology/approach – The contents of more than 200 publications are analyzed using a variety of approaches. A decision support framework is used to first classify whether the studies address outsourcing benefits, risks, motivations or factors. Next, each classification is further described by the type of benefits, risks, etc. Additional relevant contents such as type of organization, and the location of the outsourcing practice are also considered. Multivariate analyses consisting of cross tabulations, chi-square testing and cluster analysis are used for categorizing the studies with the aim of identifying relationships among the studies which are not apparent when they are considered individually. Findings – A number of trends and relationships are identified ...
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