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ORIGINAL ARTICLE Maternal Risk Factors Associated With Autistic Children *S Riya1, M Begum2, N Begum3, F Majid4, S Jahan5,A Rahman6 1Dr. Sayeda Riya , Associate Professor(c.c), Department of Community medicine Tairunessa Memorial Medical College (TMMC), Gazipur. E mail: dr 2Dr. Masuma Begum, Associate Professor,Department of Community medicine Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College, Dhaka 3Dr. Nadia Begum, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine Jainul Shikder Womens Medical college, Dhaka 4Dr. Farzana Majid, Assistant Professor, Departmentof Microbiology Tairunessa Memorial Medical College(TMMC), Gazipur 5Dr. Sharmin Jahan, 24 Infantry Division, Chittagong Cantonment 6Dr. Md.Atiqur Rahman, Associate Professor (c.c), Department.of Community medicine Anwer khan modern medical college *Corresponding Author ABSTRACT The present study has been carried out to find out the distribution of prenatal, perinatal and postnatal factors associated with autistic children. The study was conducted on 270 autistic children with age ranges of 3-10 years attending special schools in Dhaka city exclusively for autistic children during July ,2001 to July ,2012 .Mean ...
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