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Lewis and Newell BMC Public Health 2014, 14:737 RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Patients’ perspectives of care for type 2 diabetes in Bangladesh –a qualitative study Christopher P Lewis1* and James N Newell2 Abstract Background: Worldwide, type 2 diabetes affects approximately 220 million people and is the cause of 1.1 million deaths each year, 80% of which occur in low and middle income countries (LMICs). Over the next 20 years, prevalence is expected to double worldwide and increase by 150% in LMICs. There is now a move towards improving care for diabetes. However no information on patients’ needs, perceptions and experiences is available, hindering effective and appropriate changes in policy and practice. We developed a study with the objective of understanding patients’ experiences of treatment for type 2 diabetes. Methods: During January 2011, we conducted in-depth interviews in five sites across two administrative districts of Bangladesh, purposefully chosen to represent different geographic regions and local demographics In total, we conducted 23 (14 male, 9 female) individual interviews across the 5 sites, to gain insight into patients’ understanding of their diabetes and its management. Results: Patients’ levels of knowledge and understanding about diabetes and its management is depended on where they received their initial diagnosis and care. Away from specialist centres, patients had poor understanding of t ...
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