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AN INTRODUCTION TO AUSTRALIA’S NATIONAL ELECTRICITY MARKET JULY 2010 Disclaimer This document is made available to you on the following basis: (a) Purpose - This document is provided by the Australian Energy Market Operator Limited (AEMO) to you for information purposes only. You are not permitted to commercialise it or any information contained in it. (b) No Reliance or warranty - This document may be subsequently amended. AEMO does not warrant or represent that the data or information in this document is accurate, reliable, complete or current or that it is suitable for particular purposes. You should verify and check the accuracy, completeness, reliability and suitability of this document for any use to which you intend to put it and seek independent expert advice before using it, or any information contained in it. (c) Limitation of liability - To the extent permitted by law, AEMO and its advisers, consultants and other contributors to this document (or their respective associated companies, businesses, partners, directors, officers or employees) shall not be liable for any errors, omissions, defects or misrepresentations in the information contained in this document, or for any loss or damage suffered by persons who use or rely on such information (including by reason of negligence, negligent misstatement or otherwise). If any law prohibits the exclusion of such liability, AEMO’s liability is limited, at AEMO’s option, to the re-supply of the information, prov ...
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