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PROCEEDINGS OF THE 9th INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE "Management and Innovation For Competitive Advantage", November 5th-6th, 2015, BUCHAREST, ROMANIA OUTSOURCING: WHY AND WHY NOT? Alina-Cristina BACEA1 Anca BORZA2 ABSTRACT The objective of this work is to provide the basic vocabulary for understanding the outsourcing concepts and to emphasize the main advantages and disadvantages of this strategy, that were highlighted in the literature by researchers, in the last decade. These characteristcs are analysed and then grouped under certain categories for a better understanding of the outsourcing implications. The result will be an organized framework that describes outsourcing from different perspectives and could be used as a milestone for a in-depth research in the field. KEYWORDS: advantage outsourcing, core competency, disadvantage outsourcing, outsourcing definition JEL CLASSIFICATION M16 1. INTRODUCTION The success in business depends on a variety of elements, some of them visible by the clients, like the quality of the products or the after sale services, but the ones that really make the difference are the structures under which a company is organized. To be able to offer products and services at the highest standards, the company must focus on those activities that it knows how to handle best, which bring value and represent the differentiation factor among the competitors. The first objective of the paper is to emphasize the importance of discovering which the ...
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