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3 LECTURES ON "DELEUZE AND BIOLOGY" John Protevi LSU French Studies Draft of 30 July 2008. Please do not cite in any publication. These are a work in progress. Comments welcome at INTENDED AUDIENCE To be delivered at the 2nd "Deleuze Camp" in Cardiff, Wales, in August 2008. The intended audience is composed of students and scholars of Deleuze who are non-specialists in philosophy of biology (as I am!). Thus these are introductory lectures with a good deal of simplification and exaggeration. I wish to thank Dominique Homberger, Vince LiCata, John Larkin, Chuck Dyke, and Alistair Welchman for critical and clarifying comments. They have helped immensely, and the remaining infelicities are solely my responsibility. PLAN OF THE LECTURES Lecture 1: a brief narrative of the development of gene-centered views of heredity and development, up through current "evo-devo." Lecture 2: a tour of current critical issues and positions calling some aspects of the received view into question. We'll see a move from gene-centered positions to ones where genes play important but not central roles: that is, positions in which they are seen as parts of networks which include "epigenetic" elements: elements outside the genome. Lecture 3: what Deleuze can add to discussions about (philosophy of) biology. OUTLINE OF LECTURE 1 INTRODUCTION The great questions of biology Some biological terminology A BRIEF HISTORY Foucault on natural history and biology Darwin's "C ...
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