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1 CGM in Younger Adults Diabetics to Decrease A1c Krishneil Prakash Nursing, Samuel Merritt University N601: Integrating Evidence into Practice Lori Pietrowski Feburary 21, 2021 CGM IN YOUNGER ADULTS DIABETICS TO DECREASE A1C 2 Introduction Patients with diabetes type 1 struggle with insulin levels and therefore end up having complications. Young adults aged 25 to 35 years should have continuous monitoring of glucose, which is utilized to compare the fingertips three times daily, leading to the decrease of a1c levels in one year (Giani et al., 2017). Considerably, this paper's key purpose is to discuss how glucose monitoring affects their a1c levels within a year. Phenomenon of interest Researching the effects of diabetes, especially Type 1 diabetes, in the lives of young adults aged 25 to 35 years becomes an interesting topic in society, making it easy for people to understand the things that should be observed for the achievement of the desired results (Hilliard et al., 2019). The well being of society depends on how individuals are well taken care of and how the health sector deals with the conditions that exist in the life of individuals in society. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes affects individuals, but type 1 mostly affects young adults. Concentrating on the young adults and finding a way to decrease the A1C levels provides an opportunity for society to enjoy an easier lifestyle by having a quick recovery or control of the things that may be affecting young adults. The ...
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