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Intermittent Fasting Intermittent fasting is a type of eating strategy that has become quite a bit popular today. It has been mentioned throughout magazine articles, as well as through fitness gurus on Instagram, becoming so popular that even my brother has changed his eating strategy over to intermittent fasting. It is said that intermittent fasting not only is a tool for weight loss but also has amazing health benefits. In the article, “A decade of intermittent fasting” written by Nan Hie In, a health coach named Dali Harilela claims that intermittent fasting has helped keep her slim and healthy. This health coach does not appear to have any credentials, she is simply named a health coach, making it appear that she may not be as credible. This nutrition claim also is published on a website called the South China Morning Post in the health and wellness section, it is possibly not the greatest form of reliable nutrition information. In this article, a naturopath named Joelle Bradford is also mentioned and he is said to work for Hong Kong’s Integrated Medicine Institute. He supports health coach Dali’s claim about intermittent fasting, I think that him being a naturopath and ...
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