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W21 Bus of Medicine Final Paper 2

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MGMT 166: Business of Medicine - Winter 2021 Final Paper Assignment This content is protected and may not be shared, uploaded or distributed © Lisa Levitt Business Memo – Improving the Quadruple Aim Through a Health Intervention 30% of Course Grade Your persuasive business memo will recommend an intervention with a new technology to improve the health of a defined population through the four dimensions of the Quadruple Aim. The population must be dealing with a specific clinical condition, in the United States. Technology = medical device, pharmaceutical, digital health (or combination of these) Needs to be recent, announced within the past three years (2018-2020). “The goal of population health is to improve the quality of care and outcomes while managing costs for a defined group of people. The defined group of people and the health management interventions can be identified by demographic differences, health needs such as chronic diseases or disabilities, or the health needs of the underserved.” - Brian Churchill, Director of Clinical Content and Decision Support, PeaceHealth Since the United States is facing a crisis of rapidly increasing health care expenditures, you must show how this intervention primarily will reduce cost of health care WITHOUT causing harm to the other three Aims. Obviously, it is better if the intervention also can improve other Aims besides cost. GUIDANCE  To learn about the Business Memo format please see o Resources section at the end o ...
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