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Sample Abstract 1 Title 2  Identifying Predictors of PrEP Awareness Among Priority Populations Your title should clearly and concisely state the exposure and outcome Introduction 3  Introduction: There are great disparities in the health of LAC residents. For example, HIV impacts MSM of color more than any other LAC residents. PrEP has been approved to prevent HIV, however many MSM are not aware of it. Use the existing literature to support why this work is important. Methods 4  Methods: The objective of this study is to establish baseline estimates of PreP awareness by race/ethnicity to identify gaps in community knowledge of PreP. Over a 10-day period in April 2016, 1100 MSM were recruited online to complete a 12 question survey. Describe your methodology, what did you do, who did you include/exclude, or other important steps you took in the design phase Results 5  Results: PrEP awareness was high among MSM with 83% of MSM overall aware of PrEP. Latino MSM who took our survey in Spanish were less likely to be aware of PrEP than those who responded in English (62% and 76%, respectively; PR 1.14). Use the data to state your most important findings Discussion 6  Discussion: In this survey of PrEP awareness we identified a previously unknown gap in knowledge between Latino MSM who were recruited in English vs Spanish. This provides evidence that PrEP messaging needs to be culturally and linguistically competent and indicated that providers wh ...
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