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CHAPTER 3 Management and leaderhship (1) (1)

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CHAPTER 3 Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in Nursing and Health Care Organizations LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES  Define emotional intelligence (EI).  ■ Distinguish between emotional intelligence and emotional competencies.  ■ Name the four emotional intelligence clusters.  ■ Identify the 18 emotional competencies discussed in the emotional intelligence clusters.  ■ Identify factors that may enhance or diminish one’s innate emotional intelligence and learned emotional competencies.  ■ Describe the five core competencies and why they are considered crucial.  ■ Discuss why nursing settings are intensely emotional.  ■ Identify the desirable characteristics and capabilities of middle- and executive-level nurse leaders and how to select for these qualities.  ■ Discuss the emotional competencies that may be most important to practicing nurses LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES (Cont)  Describe how to develop emotional competencies.  ■ Examine the EI characteristics of best and worst bosses you have known.  ■ Identify areas of research—from nursing and other disciplines—that support emotional competencies as predictors of leadership success.  ■ Describe how middle- and executive-level nurse leaders might use emotional competencies in different situations.  ■ Discuss how emotionally intelligent nurse leaders might improve nursing work environments.  ■ Identify how emotional intelligence relate ...
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