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100 MCQs instruction

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100 MCQs needed regarding critical care nursing particularly 2 these themes:
pathophysiology and nursing management & behavioral problems.
pathophysiology and nursing management = 80 questions
behavioral problems = 20 questions
Moreover, they are not even sorted by category:
1 - Pathophysiology and nursing management
2 - Behavioral problem.
They have subcategories
(A. Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance and imbalances, B. Pathophysiology of
various types of shock, such as cardiogenic shock, septic shock, and neurogenic
shock, etc).
And these subcategories must be written with a specific type of question (Type K1 Qs
, Type K2 A).
In a strong specific order.
And this not the end. All these MCQs must be distributed as follows: (these only for
category 1)
Knowledge: 9 Qs
Comprehension: 10 Qs
Application: 37 Qs
Analysis: 13 Qs
Synthesis: 4 Qs
Evaluation: 7 Qs
There is a specific types and criteria for question, must be followed.
Question Type: K1

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