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University of Maryland University College STAT200 - Assignment #1: Descriptive Statistics Data Analysis Plan Identifying Information Student Name: Daniel Danny Montalvo Class: Stat 200 7975 Instructor:John Teke Date: NOV 2 2019 Scenario: A 30 Year old married man, with two children. My Income is $130,000 per year. Marital status and number of children, are my (SE)socioeconomic variable, and food USD and Meat USD as my two household expenditure variable’s. Use Table 1 to report the variables selected for this assignment. Note: The information for the required variable, “Income,” has already been completed and can be used as a guide for completing information on the remaining variables. Table 1. Variables Selected for the Analysis Variable Name in the Data Set Description (See the data dictionary for describing the variables.) Type of Variable (Qualitative or Quantitative) Variable 1: “Income” Annual household income in USD. Quantitative Variable 2: “Marital status Marital status for head of the house hold. Qualitative Variable 3: “Family size” Total number of people in family Quantitative Variable 4: “Food” Total amount of annual expenditures on Food Quantitative Variable 5: “ Meat” Total amount of annual expenditures on Meat Quantitative Reason(s) for Selecting the Variables and Expected Outcome(s): 1. Variable 1: “Income” - The income I chose is for a E-6 in Navy with financial support from spouse annual income also. The Hig ...
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