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Brain and Behavioural Changes in Adolescence Background Adolescence is defined as the transitory period from the childhood to the adulthood — a time of rigorous changes in both the human brain & the human behavior (Jaworska & MacQueen, 2015). Adolescents start developing social &emotional skills in this period Evidence from neuro-anatomy, neuro-chemistry, neuro-physiology, behavioral sciences and neuro-pharmacology based research points out the active maturation of the brain in the adolescence. Brain changes in adolescence occur as a result of sex-hormone surges which lead to puberty. These include estrogen, progesterone & testosterone (Vigil et al., 2016). The sex-hormones substantially impact nutrient & sleep requirements in adolescence. Triune Brain Theory Freeze response Basic survival instincts Birth 1-3 years Mid-20s (Malhotra & Sahu, 2017)) Structural Brain Changes in Adolescence Brain changes towards adolescence occur in the following order: Extreme proliferation of the Neurons Expansion of the Synaptic Connections Extreme Pruning leading to reduced synaptic connections for increasing efficiency Increased myelination of neurons Overall growth of cognitive abilities (The Adolescent Brain Changes, 2019) Functional Brain Changes in Adolescence There are progressive changes in the functions of the brain in the following domains: Cognitive processes influence the thought and behavior The adolescents mental adaptation to novel and complicated tasks socio-aff ...
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