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(a) (i) The set of disciplines supporting or laying foundation for System Biology, include;
Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences and
Engineering. These make basis to System Biology as a whole.
(ii) Synthetic Biology includes the following disciplines as fundamental basis. These are,
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics,
System Biology and Engineering.
(b) Certain advancements have been made since the early times that have served as
fundamental aid to System and Synthetic Biology. Specifically, the discovery of the
double helix structure of the DNA has served as a basis to Synthetic Biology. Similarly,
the discovery of the living cell and the cell theory forms fundamental basis to System
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(c) Since, Synthetic Biology aims to re-make or fabricate biological structures such as DNA,
RNA, Essential Proteins and Living cells, and System Biology aims to study and
understand interactions and behavior of living cells and molecules as a system with
another, both these can be implied together for better and more efficient Biotechnological
innovations and advancements. Biotechnology aims to work with genetic material of
living organisms for betterment of mankind, in terms of industry such as food, medicine,
others, etcetera. It implies changing or altering the genetic makeup of organisms for
enhancing, improving or introducing desirable or required characteristics and qualities. In
order to do that, it is necessary the very basic and fundamental make up of the organism
along their interaction with others and the environment be studied. For which System and
Synthetic Biology serves as pre-requisite.
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From Glycerol to D lactate, there are 6 nodes connected by respective 7 edges.
(b) (c)
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