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Question 1 material Introductory counseling skills 1

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Beginning the counseling process • • • • • • • • • • Arrange the physical setting appropriately Dress appropriately Pay attention to physical space Quiet and private setting No disruptions or distractions Be prompt Remember confidentiality Invest in a box of tissues Clock can be easily seen Have office supplies available First meeting • Greeting • Make the person feel welcome • What brings you here today? • Let the person do most of the talking • When you don’t know what to say… • Explain the counseling process Avoid confronting Notice resistance Rapport • Rapport often happens naturally • Easier for some people than others • Rapport is needed to collaborate • Your responsibility to develop rapport • Rapport is a process Building rapport What happened before you met? Be aware of how you may be perceived The meaning of your communication is the response you get Which may be different to the one you intended! You can change your behavior to get a different response. If what you are doing is not working, do something different. Matching behaviors • Matching behaviors can enhance rapport. • At a simple level, this may mean you adopting a similar posture to the person you are paying close attention to. Often this happens naturally. • In more complex exchanges, you may not want to match and reinforce all that is being described. For instance, you would not wish to match the angry posture of an annoyed client. ...
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