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Coca-Cola brand positioning and strategy Name Institution affiliation Date Coca-Cola • A global retail in soft drinks • Located in several countries through its distribution network to satisfy demand • Main head office is located in America Atlanta • Listed in New York stock exchange • Products that are located within the Coca-Cola brand include; fanta, coca-cola, sprite, stoney, dasani, blackcurrent. • Fruit juices brand depend on the franchise that the brand has been with the local community due to product availability • Product innovation has enabled sugar free products such as coke zero which targets a certain clientele in the market • Coca-Cola has invested in water production plant to quench thirst Gaining market share • Coca-Cola has the best marketing strategy to ensure product penetration • Its distribution channel are effective in terms product penetration • Innovative products are produced with the Coca-Cola brand to ensure customers are lured to the brand • Capital injection from investors enables the brand to risk new ideas and strategies to target customers and satisfy their needs (Koschmann & Sheth, 2016). Product positioning • In order to influence consumer perception it is important to position a brand with their thoughts • The Coca-Cola brand position its products through segmentation • Customers are aligned with the products based on the target market • Coca-Cola products targets middle income consumers who are high ...
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