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Procerement Contracting Process

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Procurement Contracting Process Analysis Presentation Team A CPMGT/302 Geri Markley July 2, 2018 Farm Future Solutions’ Proposal for Will Fence Timber Introduction Conducting procurement includes various processes that could be complex or simplistic depending on the project at hand. The following presentation will examine the procurement contracting process for the procurement of resources via contract to expand of Will Fence’s Christmas Tree Storage lot. Discussion Topics • Known information • Video: Contract Types • Contact resource procurement process proposal • How will this process allow for the best purchase negation? • The efficiency of the selected process • How will the process achieve desired results? Discussion Topics Continued • Resource procurement risk identification • The role of risk management in the procurement contracting process selected • Improving the procurement contracting process • Further recommendations for consideration Known Information • Will Fence currently owns a 70 Acre Timber and Christmas Tree Farm • Farm busy times extend from August to September • In October Christmas trees are cut and stored until the open of sales season. • More space is needed to store products before their sale. • A recently purchased a 40 Acre lot for the expansion of the company’s storage capabilities • The storage area will be expanded by 40,000 ft2 • The budget for the expansion totals $55,000. • Will Fence hire ...
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