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* MGT7019-8-8 * Business Ethics * Dr. Schaefer * 2/18/18 * * • Brief Historical Summary on the Wells Fargo • Identify the Unethical Behavior or Business Practice • Reflection on Ethical Standards • Influence of Leadership on the Behavior • Related Cultural, Environmental, and Legal Implications • Impact of the Behavior on Individuals, the Organization, and Society • Outcome of Events with a Comparison of the Consequences • Fairness of Punishment • Recommend Organizational Policies for Implementation to Deter Unethical Behavior * • • • • • • Wells Fargo began as an Express and Banking Company 1852 The “Pony Express” Diverse and Mutually Supportive Services Financial Crisis Rapid Expansion and the End of the Pony Express Introduction of Financial Instruments * • • • • • • • Mergers and Acquisitions Cross-Selling Increased Sales Pressure Sales Goals Not Attainable Gaming Illegally Opening Deposit and Credit Cards Accounts Pinning * • • • • • • Standards for Ethical Behavior Internal Ethics and Employee Integrity Values Risk Management Transparency Poor Governmental Regulations, or Bad Organizational Behavior * • • • • • Leadership Should Cultivate an Ethical Corporate Culture Negative Role-Modeling Leadership Should Avoid Lax Internal Ethics Oversights Strict and Enforced Code of Ethics Ethical Standards and Applications Should be Demanded by all Employees. * • • • • • • Corpor ...
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