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LDR300 leadership and power

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Power • • • • • • • Communication Skills Influence Contribution Ability Self Confidence Dependability Trustworthy How Power Relates to Leadership Five Sources of Power Formal Power • Coercive • Reward • Legitimate Personal Power • Expert • Referent Coercive Power Encourages Defiance This is fear based power. Individuals with this type of power have the ability to make life difficult for those who do not comply with their requests or orders. Reward Power Encourages Compliance The person in power has the ability to request compliance from an individual through means of a reward system. This control over the reward system includes aspects such as wages, food, recognition awards etc. Legitimate Power Encourages Compliance • Position within Society • This power is easily lost • Types of leaders: • Political roles such as the President • Judges • Law Enforcement Expert Power Encourages Respect • • • • Special skills and knowledge Respect from the team Highly Valued team member Apply influence within a team Referent Power Encourages Commitment • Ability to attract others and build loyalty. • Interpersonal skills • Personal traits to drive Influence • Charisma The Relationship Between Influence and Power Power Little transparency as the greater team is excluded from decision making VS Influence Takes and interdependent approach to teamwork, including various stakeholders in decision making Relationships betw ...
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