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June 2003

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LAWS356 — BUSINESS ENTITIES JUNE 2003 Page 1 of 4 ANSWER ANY FOUR OF THE FOLLOWING SEVEN QUESTIONS QUESTION ONE You are approached by Pinkie Twala who, until recently, had been the owner of a very successful hairdressing salon that she had carried on as a sole proprietorship. Six months ago Pinkie sold her hairdressing business. Although the purchase price was more than enough for Pinkie to be able to retire on, Pinkie has missed being involved in the business and has found retirement to be boring. Eventually, in desperation, she attempted to buy her old business back but the purchaser was not interested even at the very generous price that she offered to pay him. Pinkie is now thinking about opening up another hairdressing salon in Johannesburg. However, unfortunately, when she sold her business one of the terms of the sale was that “Pinkie Twala hereby undertakes that she will not open up a hairdressing salon anywhere in Johannesburg for the next three years”. Pinkie, who has a B Com degree and has studied company law, accepts that this undertaking is binding upon her but plans to get around it by having a company in which her sister is the sole shareholder and sole direct ...
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