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SOC FP2000 McAndrewVanessa Assessment4 Attempt1

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Same Sex Marriage Vanessa McAndrew Capella University Same-Sex Marriage- Introduction      It is also known as gay marriage This is the marriage between people of the same marriage either of a religious setting or in a civil setting It is in the 20th Century that the rites of gay marriage became known but without legal recognition Some countries have accepted and legalized gay marriage while others have not Taiwan will be the first Asian country to legalized gay marriage Evolution of LGBT Social Movement cont’      These people have a long history of campaigning for the LGBT rights Although there is no central organization that represents this group of people’s interest, several LGBT social movements have been formed The first organization or social movement was formed in the early 19th century In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s the leaders of these social groups hid the feminine gay men and masculine female lesbians This led to divisions in this community Evolution of LGBT Social Movement cont’ Milestones that characterized the development of the LGBT social movement It is in the 19th century that a wage labor apart from family,  became common     At first it was a hidden movement but came to existence in the 1920s and the 1930s Many cities saw first gay bars in the year 1940 It is in the 1953 that President Dwight ordered that all gay men and lesbians be fired from all the federal jobs This lead encou ...
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