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BUS FP3021 McAndrewVanessa Assesment3 Attempt1

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Running head: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Intellectual Property Vanessa McAndrew Capella University 1 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 2 Case Law Analysis: Intellectual Property Introduction The importance’s of law in any business are very many including ensuring that all companies pay tax, that the employees are protected and that there is healthy competition among many others. However in, this context the most fundamental importance of law in business is intellectual property. The intellectual property refers to the art, invention, company logos and mind (Gaspar, 2017). The need of the law in this situation is granting legal protection to the inventors of the intellectual property by giving the creator the mandate to earn profits from their inventions as well as take legal action against any individual who tries to mimic their work or project without their permission. The other need for law in any business environment is to protect the business in the context from any competitors who might have the idea of stealing and suing their inventions thus giving companies the incentive to enhance innovations ("Dec. 7, 1999: RIAA Sues Napster | WIRED," n.d.). Background The parties involved in this intellectual property case are Napster and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). RIAA sued Napster which was founded in the year 1999. Napster gave the users the permission to the users to share music files and thus many people started downloading songs at no fee instead of buying CDs ( ...
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