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BUS FP3022 McAndrew Vanessa Assessment1 Attempt1

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Running head: ZARA-RAPID FIRE FULFILLMENT Zara-Rapid Fire Fulfillment Vanessa McAndrew Capella University 1 ZARA-RAPID FIRE FULFILLMENT 2 Supply chain management is someone or a group of people watching over the process of an item from supplier until it reaches the customer making sure that no detailed is left unnoticed. Supply chain management can be oversight and coordinate everything from materials to finances to make sure the process of delivering the item to the customer goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. This paper will take a look at Zara and supply chain management and how this is making Zara a successful band today. Zara's Supply Chain Strategy Amancio Ortega, the owner of Zara, was just like any other company when it came to their supply chain management. Companies do not realize that there is an issue with what is happening in the chain until they receive that moment in which the company could lose everything and possible liquidation of the enterprise. For Mr. Ortega, it was when a big lingerie order was canceled, and all his capital was tied up in that one order (Furdow, Lewis & Machuca 2004). This was when Mr. Ortega realized what he must do to make sure that he is a continuing success “control what happens to your product until the customer buys it” (Furdow, Lewis & Machuca 2004). Zara’s has control over and manages the entire process from designing the product to the distribution of the product. Zara control starts by having a team of designe ...
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