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SCM Case Analysis: Transportation and Warehousing L.L. Bean's Transportation and Warehousing Vanessa McAndrew May 24, 2017 Overall transportation objectives of the L.L. Bean  To distribute its products to their agents  To distribute its products to their customers  To provides free shipping through several transportation organizations  Shipping orders to clients in Canada and the United States  To distribute its products outside the United States The modes of transportation that the L.L. Bean uses to move products    L.L Bean utilizes several transportation modes regarding shipping L.L. Bean products may ship by railroad, air, trucks or through water depending on the product's destination To accomplish this, the company uses various shipping organization, and they do not have their shipping facility, not unless the products require being transported from a secure warehouse to another store to be picked up by a client Locations of L.L. Bean factories and warehouses      The main company factory is located in Freeport, Maine The same location also hosts the company’s main distribution center. The company has warehouses in Brunswick and Lewiston L.L. Bean does not have many factories outside the US Most of its production takes place in the United States and then shipped to other countries like Japan and China where its retail stores are located. These countries have warehouses that handle the supply of the needed g ...
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