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MBA FP6012 McAndrewVanessa Assessment6 Attempt1

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Coca-Cola’s New Marketing Strategy A hybrid of centralization and decentralization Presented by: Vanessa McAndrew Introduction ▪ The Coca-Cola Company prides itself as one of the leading beverages manufacturer and distributer in the world ▪ Its flagship drink, which also derives its name from the company, Coke, is arguably the most sold and sought after soft drink in the world beverage market ▪ However, increased competition as well as development in health awareness has impacted on the sales of the company products adversely ▪ With due regard to those factors and the current market needs and dynamics, some recommendations suffice with respect to marketing strategies intent on keeping the company as the market leaders in the beverage industry Company Overview ▪ The company thrives in an environment that is not crowded with players, though the few players involved stage a warranted competition for space ▪ However, just like its market competitors, Coca-Cola operates on a high threshold of confidentiality and privacy as regards its product formulas, which formulas are closely guarded within an extremely tight circle of individuals ▪ The most formidable competition for the company is experienced from Pepsi Inc., which operates on a global scale just like the former (Greenfield, 2016) ▪ The players, including the company, thrive on the advantage of size, having captured the global beverage market Product Overview ➢ Coca-Cola specializes in the s ...
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