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MBA FP 6024 McAndrewVanessa Assessment5 Attempt1

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FORD SWOT ANALYSIS FOR STRATEGIC THINKING Vanessa McAndrew MBA- FP 6024 U05A1 Using a SWOT Analysis for Strategic Thinking Capella University Professor Dr Kurt Heppard March 19, 2018 BACKGROUND – – – – – Ford is the second largest auto-maker in the U.S and fifth largest globally. Founded in 1963, the company grew and got incorporated with its headquarters at Dearborn, Michigan. The company has grown and has some shares in the ownership of Mazda in Japan and Aston Martin in UK. The company has over 164,000 employees world wide. The company has been witnessing a reduction in net revenue from 2009 though it has remained in profits. The company’s revenue for instance, between 2005 and 2009 reduced by 34.3% while the net profits grew by 35%. VRIO Framework VRIO Framework (Continuation) – – – – The company has a strong brand that boasts of strong reputation, with over a century of experience, reliable and quality products and best pricing power with suppliers. Ford has extensive network covering 6 out of the 7 continents. The company has its presence felt largely in the North America region, Asia Pacific and Europe. Through the One Ford program, the company applies a new focus on the centralized global approach. The expansive network explains the 11,772 Ford/Lincoln dealerships. Value Chain External Analysis: Porter’s 5 Model SWOT Analysis STRATEGIC ACTIONS TO TAKE – – Ford needs to reduce the operation costs so that it is able ...
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