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MBA FP6026 McAndrewVanessa Assessment5 Attempt1

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GLOBAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN Vanessa McAndrew MBA- FP 6026 U05A1 Global Leadership Development Plan Capella University Professor Dr Michael McGivern March 28, 2018 INTRODUCTION • CHARACTERISTICS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF EFFECTIVE GLOBAL LEADERS • Global leaders can be categorized in two main areas: 1. Personal features and responsibilities 2. There are general features and responsibilities as shown in the leadership mind and Trait leadership theories. • There are personal features that effective leaders portray and they include emotional stability, inquisitiveness and connection of personal transformation. • The general features and responsibilities are captured in the leadership mind theory that showcases the disciplined mind, creative mind, respectful mind, ethical and synthesizing mind. TRAITS OF EFFECTIVE GLOBAL LEADER • A GLOBAL EFFECTIVE LEADER HAS TO SHOW CERTAIN TRAITS 1. DISCIPLINE 2. ABILITY TO SYNTHESIZE SITUATIONS 3. CREATIVITY 4. RESPECT 5. ETHICAL FLEXIBILITY AND UNDERSTANDING RESPONSBILITY OF GLOBAL LEADERS • Fro global leaders to take up responsibilities, they need to portray global leader characteristics. Some of the responsibilities include: • 1. Formulation of the global goals • 2. Provide the solutions and recommendations when necessary for the growth of an organization. • 3. Be a driver of creativity and innovation • 4. Be in a position to promote respect in the global organizations HOW LEADERSHIP CONCERNS FO ...
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