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POS 420 Week 1 Summary.




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POS420: Summary for Week 1
Summary Discussion Question (Week 1):
Describe a topic from the lecture, readings or other assignments about
which you have gained an improved or corrected understanding from that
which you had prior to starting this course. Pick a topic that you are still
struggling to grasp and share what you find difficult about that topic.
Because this is my first introduction to UNIX, I would have to say that
everything that I have learned this first week was new and exciting. I had
never really thought about the questions that were posed this first week, so it
was interesting to learn how UNIX got started, how old the operating system
is, who technically owns it, and what programming language it uses. It was
also interesting to read how the C programming language came to be when I
was researching my answer to Discussion Question 3 because I did not know
what C (or B for that matter) was or what it did. Additionally, seeing the
differences and similarities between UNIX and Java was fascinating because
I recently completed PRG420 – Java Programming I, so I could associate
Java and UNIX together to understand more of what the readings were
talking about.
In regards to a topic that I am struggling with, I do not currently have one
at the moment because we have just started. I would, however, like to
understand more about the Knoppix program that I purchased to utilize
UNIX, but the answer to understanding it will require time and a lot of trial
and error.

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