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L11 Overview
consider how the Affordable Care Act is attempting to contain costs and improve quality
(despite having more health care users).
1. Describe the Triple Aim of health care and explain the significance of each of the
three aims.
2. Paraphrase different definitions of population health and explain how they differ
3. Describe how the Affordable Care Act is promoting the Triple Aim of health care.
4. Explain the status of the Affordable Care Act under the Trump Administration.
5. Describe the future direction of health care and models of delivery.
Lesson 11 content
L11 Introduction
In our last lesson, we examined the Affordable Care Act’s provisions to help improve the
expansion of health insurance coverage. These different provisions were phased in
between 2010-2014. But where do we stand today, nine years post-ACA? Have the
provisions helped to improve our nation's uninsured rate? The short answer is yes.
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