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Organize A Project

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Organize a Project Presented by: Introduction o Project organization is essential for guaranteeing the delivery of real business value. o In the current case, the process will help the organization achieve its strategic goals of reducing client wait time and improving quality of services. Project Description o The healthcare organization seeks to minimize client wait time and deliver better quality services by leveraging electronic healthcare records. o Thus, the new system aims at helping nurses obtain client information by running their names through the data base rather that cross-checking their record books. o The process will reduce wait time and avoid loss of data. Project Management Charts o Gantt Chart Improved Process Flowchart o The project’s main goal was to enable clinicians to retrieve clients information automatically rather than checking and updating record books. o The new process also helps identify unregistered patients easily which ultimately reduces wait time. o New clients must provide adequate personal information to update the system adequately for future efficiency. Improved Process Flowchart Cont. Meeting Rhythm and Timing o The project team will meet every three days to enhance work intensity and foster strong relationships. o Each session will run for 45 minutes, and the rhythm and cadence will guarantee active participation from each member. o Most importantly, the meeting schedules are well-structured to avoid overwhelming individual ...
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