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POS 420 Week 3 Summary.




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POS420: Summary for Week 3
Summary Discussion Question (Week 3):
Describe a topic from the lecture, readings or other assignments about
which you have gained an improved or corrected understanding from that
which you had prior to starting this course. Pick a topic that you are still
struggling to grasp and share what you find difficult about that topic.
This third week has been a very busy week with all the Discussion
Questions, responses to classmates, the Individual assignment, and the
continuation of the Team assignment. Within this week, we took a look at
the reasons why UNIX is viewed as the most flexible operating system,
which included such things as customization, portability, open source code,
and security. Additionally, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages
of modifying UNIX, as well as the ease at which it can be done.
I am still currently working on my Individual assignment, so I would
have to say that for this week, the Individual assignment has been the most
difficult thing for me to grasp. Trying to figure out the correct commands to
use and what to write to have UNIX respond the way that I want is tough.
Because I am a new to this operating system, everything is a challenge, but I
am confident that I will be able to overcome this before tonight’s end. I also
took a look at next week’s assignment and it too looks confusing. Taking it
one step and one problem at a time is the way to go.
I will continue to read all that I can on UNIX and the areas that I do not
understand so that my proficiency rises. Additionally, I will ask for help
when needed and practice as much as I can so that I am able to complete all
the assignments before their deadline.

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