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POS 420 Week 4 Summary




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POS420: Summary for Week 4
Summary Discussion Question (Week 4):
Describe a topic from the lecture, readings or other assignments about
which you have gained an improved or corrected understanding from that
which you had prior to starting this course. Pick a topic that you are still
struggling to grasp and share what you find difficult about that topic.
This fourth week has been yet another busy week for me due to the
Discussion Questions, classmate responses, the Individual assignment, and
the continuation of the Team assignment. Within this week, we took a look
at why UNIX was important to the Internet, as well as philosophical
differences between Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. As for the
importance of UNIX to the Internet, UNIX basically started the Internet, so
all other reasons why it is important are mute. UNIX is the reason for the
existence of the Internet, so without it we would not be doing this class (so
to speak). As for the differences between Microsoft and Sun Microsystems,
I think that both companies are striving for the same thing – money. The
difference is that one company (Microsoft) has a better hold on the market in
terms of its product. They are constantly putting out upgrades and new
versions of the same setup, so it only makes sense that they would be
making the most money.
In regards to the Individual assignment, it took almost all week to figure
out the answers to the questions as I had to research many of them. I studied
all the books that I have on UNIX, as well as many websites about UNIX.
This was probably the most difficult assignment to date, but I think I
understand it and have a small grasp on the topics at hand.
My Learning Team’s assignment is coming along fairly well and I hope
to have it completed by Friday of this coming week, if not sooner. The most
stressing part is trying to get both the paper and the PowerPoint presentation
done before the end of the week.

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