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POS 420 Week 5 Summary.




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POS420: Summary for Week 5
Summary Discussion Question (Week 5):
Describe a topic from the lecture, readings or other assignments about
which you have gained an improved or corrected understanding from that
which you had prior to starting this course. Pick a topic that you are still
struggling to grasp and share what you find difficult about that topic.
This final week has been a headlong rush to the finish line. There are so
many things that I learned not only this week, but throughout this course.
First and foremost was the introduction into UNIX. Having never used or
seen UNIX, I was surprised by how similar it looked to Windows.
Additionally, the background on both UNIX and Linux was interesting and it
helped me to understand how operating systems got started and how they
have grown in the past 30 years. I had no idea that UNIX basically started it
all and is the reason behind the existence of the Internet.
As for this week, I learned the differences between the X Windows
System and Microsoft Windows. I had always thought that the X Windows
System was a product of Microsoft, but soon realized that this was not the
case. Not only was it not affiliated with Microsoft, it was not even an
operating system. This fact surprised me seeing as how everything we have
been discussing up to this point is about operating systems. Furthermore,
the similarities between UNIX and windows in uncanny, which made me
feel better about working with it.
As for the Team Assignment, I was relieved to final complete it; however,
my relieve will not be complete until both portions have been posted. I
believe that we did an excellent job on both the paper and PowerPoint and
am anxious to see our final grade.

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