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POS 410 Week 2 DQ 1




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Week #2 DQ 2 - Describe some of the differences between SQL and procedural programming
languages such as C and VB?
SQL is known as a non-procedural language which is different from procedural
languages such as C or visual basic (VB) because of the way they work. Take for
example from what have already read in our chapters about SQL which allows us to
see that even with the statements which we write into the studio that there is no real
logic or structure to how the statements work to obtain the results which are asked.
For example, in SQL if a statement is written to ask for a query of employee's hired by
Bob in Accounting then we get those results, however this sub language had no
command to tell it how to go about collecting this information which is the biggest
difference between procedural languages and non-procedural languages. In
procedural languages the syntax would be written in such a way to tell the program
what steps to take for each part being called into operation, for example, if yes, then
that, if no then this, end if which tells the program exactly what to do until all
operations are complete.
In short, a non-procedural language tells the management studio to perform an action,
but the studio simply performs the results based on the statement, but the language
statement does not care how it is performed to get the results, but only that the results
are obtained where in a procedural language such as C or VB the steps are important
on how each operation is performed to reach the end result.

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