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Integration Management Class Notes_94048206-Class-Notes-Spring-2011

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ALUMNIToday Yeshiva University SPRING 2011 Nathan Lewin ’57YC, (Legal) Defender of the Faith ing and writing each class, but I credit him and Professor David Fleisher for teaching me how to write very well.” Lewin also devoted time to his Torah studies and a variety of extracurricular activities, serving as president of his freshman and then sophomore classes, and secretary-treasurer of the student council. He also co-wrote the book for the first YC varsity show, a musical titled Choose to Run, which played at an off-Broadway theatre for three nights, all before sold-out audiences. “The musical is a political spoof of Richard Nixon, who was then vice president—and who my friends and I were already suspicious of—and what would happen if he became president of the United States,” explained Lewin with a laugh. Lewin declined to tell Nixon of this play when, years later, he represented him before the Supreme Court following Nixon’s resignation from public office. At YC, Lewin planned to attend law school, though when asked why by his peers, he would shrug and say, “It sounds like something reasonable to do for a living.” Lewin also said that he had no tangible ideas as to what a lawyer actually did, but as his father had obtained a law degree in Poland (though he never practiced), Lewin decided to follow in his footsteps. He aced the LSATs and was offered scholarships at Yale and Harvard law schools. Harvard and Beyond Nathan Lewin ’57YC T he tradition of ...
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