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Decision Discretion And Accoutanbility

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Political Science
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DECISION, DISCRETION AND ACCOUTANBILITY STUDENT NAME INSYITUTIONAL AFFILIATION DUE DATE INTRODUCTION • Discretion is defined as the ability to be able to make decisions. • For full satisfaction, discretion needs consistency in law. • Officers need to be accountable for the decisions made. • Discretion is highly reliable on the departments and the cases at hand. FACTORS INFLUENCING DECISION • The level of the crime • The condition of the victim • The law's current conditions • The path to the result is more important. (Google images nd) STRENGTHS IN POLICE DISCRETION • Appropriate when there is no room for error in a situation. • Allows for the aggressive implementation of authority in order to defend society. • Provides a basis for selecting compliance tactics. • Appropriate resource distribution. STAGE FOUR DECISIONS • The officer should consider dialogue as the first option • The officer demanded that the person immediately drop the bat. • The police officer's next potential course of action will be to attempt oral deescalation. • Finally, if the victim did not comply with the two instructions, he would threaten to fire him. POSITIVE DISCRETION STRATEGIES • To decide the most suitable option, competent decision making is required. • Oral de-escalation is often the product of sound professional judgment. • Discussion does not do any harm to the parties concerned. • Improvement in flexibility of the police officers job. N ...
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