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Business communication test


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Which of the following is a question that you need to answer to successfully analyze your
A. What is the main concern of the presentation?
B. Who are the key players?
C. Will I be standing and presenting the slides?
D. How quickly can I complete the presentation?
The question-and-answer session with the audience during your presentation __________
A. helps you build your credibility by demonstrating your expertise and openness
B. does not allow you to deflect or address your audience's criticism
C. undermines and trivializes the important parts of your presentation
D. does not allow you to emphasize and expand on important points
For most business presentations, the main message should __________.
A. not include a solution to the problem discussed in the presentation
B. lead your audience to the intended outcome
C. not highlight what the audience will gain from the presentation
D. take the presenter's rather than the audience's point of view
Rosie includes detailed text of her speech for a presentation on slides so that she can use it
as her "speaking script." This is __________.
A. a good idea, as this will give her the fluency required for the presentation
B. a good idea, as white spaces on slides are undesirable
C. a poor idea, because this layout will let the audience know what she is going to say in advance
D. a poor idea, since the audience can absorb more if the slides contain less information
A slide master __________.

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A. is a word processing tool
B. enforces consistency in your visual elements
C. saves you time but runs the risk of inconsistent formatting
D. is useful as it allows you to cut and paste the formatting from one slide to the next
Which of the following would be the most effective way to begin a presentation on
implementing a new training program?
A. Our current training system is not up to par.
B. Are you aware that our training system is outdated?
C. Three out of five employees are not sufficiently prepared for their jobs by our current training
D. Training is very important to the success of our company.
The more specific your objective, __________
A. the more time it will take to create an effective presentation
B. the longer your presentation will need to be to be effective
C. the easier it will be to create an effective presentation
D. the less persuasive your presentation will be
__________ help you see the big picture of a presentation before you get too involved with
creating individual slides.
A. Animations
B. Storyboards
C. Slide decks

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D. Message headlines
Dexter is delivering a presentation on a new project that is perceived as risky by some
members of his audience. He opens his presentation with the following words: "Nothing
ventured, nothing gained." This is an example of capturing attention by __________.
A. stating a fact
B. telling an anecdote
C. quoting a familiar saying
D. sharing a secret
Your colleague Anita previews for you the slides she created for an upcoming presentation.
You notice that she used slide animations on almost every slide. What advice would you
give her?
A. Animations are engaging and should be used anywhere possible on your slides.
B. Animation should be used only to reveal bullet points one at a time.
C. Animation is encouraged only when it helps your audience to better understand your point.
D. Animation trivializes your concepts and should not be used in serious presentations.
If a slide deck makes "stand-alone sense," then it means that the slide deck __________.
A. is comprehensible only by those people who have prior knowledge of the topic
B. includes every word the presenter plans to say
C. requires supporting documents like handouts for it to be understood
D. can be understood by anyone who reads it without the benefit of the presenter
Jane needs to create a presentation to teach her co-workers how to work with a new
database system. This means that her presentation will be __________.

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