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POS 410 Week 4 DQ 2




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Week #4 DQ 1 - Based on the Cerullo & Porta (2007) article, what is your opinion of visual
approaches? Provide an explanation that supports your opinion.
In theory, I think that a visual approach for SQL statement development can appeal and work for
a large number of users. Today’s generation of kids and young adults are used to thinking in a
visual manner as opposed to older adults raised in a more textual era. This is especially true with
complex SQL statements that have numerous conditions such as where clauses, sub-selects, and
joins. That being said, I did not find the visual representations used by Cerullo and Porta to be
particularly clear except in very simple SQL statements. The more complex examples presented
appeared as just a jumble of lines and shapes, their meaning lost because of the many different
types of shapes, lines, and conditions presented.
As I previously stated, older individuals who were raised in an era that primary used text as
opposed to graphics will probably prefer the textual SQL standard, as I do. I was hoping that
complex SQL commands would be easier to decipher using a visual tool but at least to me, they
were not.
I do see great potential for a visual tool because I have had to read complex SQL commands over
and over many time to completely understand what they were doing. I have even drawn pictures
of the tables involved with notes on the connections between tables to explain the relationship or
condition to better understand complex queries. Hopefully, Cerullo and Porta will continue to
develop their visual SQL tool, GraphSQL, and improve on the visual display of their tool.

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