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POS 371 Week 1 DQ1




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POS/371 Week 1 DQ1
Based on McBride’s (2007) article, what personal and professional
development activities should software developers pursue to
prepare themselves to become software architects? What
activities is the article missing that would help with this pursuit?
The main things that should be acquired when trying to
become a software architect is number one a passion for
doing work in that kind of eld. I was always told nd
something you love and aim for something in that eld
and you won’t look at it as work. I think that most people
run into that little roadblock because it is something they
don’t really have a passion for. If you nd yourself building
on a regular basis and aiming towards eliminating your
weaknesses and you want to build on your skills and your
likings; that is something you should pursue. I think that
anybody that would like pursue this as a career would rst
have to obtain some schooling in the eld. I was told that
most jobs would recommend at least an associates
degree, but if your looking for a better pay rate with perks
and possible longevity it would be best to have your
bachelors degree in hand or be in pursuit to get it. Even if
you don’t have either a certication would work out in
your favor as well because it shows the business and the
employers that you are knowledgeable in that area of
expertise. There are many di#erent ADL’s to know so that
would be good to study. There are many di#erent styles
and frameworks that have been created as well. You can
never know or learn too much. There is a lot of areas of
knowledge and skills to be learned in this eld. I would
just stop at one thing.

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