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VN UK 2011 02002 04 210401 Leadership and Management (PPT)

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LEADERSHIP / LEADER DEVELOPMENT Table of Contents 1) Training Programs 2) Developmental Experiences 3) Self-Development 4) Individual Attributes and Organizational Conditions 1. Training Programs • Definition: series of courses or initiatives that aim to improve individuals’ skills, knowledge and expertise over time. • In major companies, training programs are the core of continuous improvement: 1) Promote “growth mindset” when executed correctly 2) Boost organizational adaptation to changing environment (Jehanzeb and Bashir, 2013) 1. Training Programs • Other benefits: 1) Improve overall organizational capability 2) Increase firm performance 3) For team training program, boost interpersonal relationship & team connections (Kumar and Siddika, 2017) => Training programs are the key to firm sustainability and profitability over time 1. Training Programs • Can leadership attributes be trained? • Three opposing ideas (Vroom and Jago, 2007): 1) Great Man theory: leadership skills are innate, e.g. Steve Jobs, Gandhi… 2) Situational theory: leadership skills depend on the situation at hand, e.g. Phil Jackson (McGuire, 2020) 3) Behavioral theory: leadership skills can be learned & are NOT innate 1. Training Programs => Behavioral theory lays the foundation for leadership training programs • Core characteristics of effective leadership training programs: 1) Theoretical foundation construction 2) Interplay between leader ...
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