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POS 371 Week 1 DQ3




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POS/371 Week 1 DQ3
Identify the most common characteristics and elements within a
computer program. Why do you believe this is the case? Explain.
The most common characteristics and elements in a
computer program are often the design and the structure
of it. Simply because eye candy is what often draws
people into wanting to know more about the site or the
program itself. Something that is plain often does not
have any “umph” to it. Some interfaces on programs are
often identical because no one likes anything that is real
dicult to navigate through or needs numerous
commands to get to. A programs interface normally goes
hand in hand with the design. People like a bold interface,
something that will stand out and pull them. No matter if
the idea is original or if it’s a copy of the original they
have a lot of things that are shared and you will be able to
see when you go from A to B. Lastly another
characteristic that most programs share is the purpose or
logic behind why the program was built in the %rst place.
We have a lot of hardware and software out in this day
and age but everything is pretty much based upon the
brand and the specs. Windows as a operating system have
programs out that you can only use on their OS, and than
when you go over to Apple they have identical software as
to windows but it is Apple branded. They do this to draw a
crowd and to keep everyone happy. Most people are only
use to using one brand. Some people see other programs
as a knocko) to authenticated programs that they seen
%rst but have yet to be released. Everything is based upon
competition. I base everything o) of specs. Me I am a
Windows user for school, but as far as music and pictures I
enjoy Mac. I have to buy my programs based on reviews. I

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think its good to share some characteristics because some
programs may use it better than the previous; I just don’t
respect or acknowledge bootlegging. Be original.

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