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POS 371 Week 2 DQ3




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POS/371 Week 2 DQ3
Dierentiate between primitive and user-created methods of
programming. Give a scenario in which each method would be
preferred over the other.
From doing the little bit of research that I did, I noticed
that a user created programming example would be
something that was made from scratch and something
that is man made. The coding in which a human being
came up with and generated themselves and implemented
it into some kind of program for use. Primitive is
something that is basically the building block/foundation
of what the beginning stages will be before any coding
gets done for the program to function. Primitive allows
more complicated coding to be done since it’s started o!
with such a basic build.An example of user created
programming would have to be GIMP which is used for
imaging editing. It has been ported over and created by a
user by the name of Tor Lillqvist with who resides in
Finland. This program is for people who can’t do what
they would like to do in Windows Paint, but that would like
to do some serious type of editing in every way possible.
An example of primitive programming would have to be
Java. The reason why I chose java is because Java is
basically programmed where all the variables will have a
meaning but before they are carried out that all have to
declared and have a reason for existence. This example
brings in the signi*cance of being a building block for
bigger and better things involving this software.

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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.