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POS 355 Week 1 DQs




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Week One Discussion Questions
What are some of the many considerations in selecting the correct information system to use for
trading futures and stocks?
Trading futures and stocks consider a lot of things when selecting the correcting information
system. The one thing they look at is that it does a lot of the work for you like updating
the numbers and save money and stress on you. The other is that the information system does a
great job on its performance. Now we all know that stocks have to be updates so the system has
to be a good running system. Now the other thing you should consider is that the reports are done
real time and the interface and platform needs to be compliable to the systems that are out there
and the browsers because not everyone uses the someone.
Is service-oriented architecture (SOA) a new solution to information technology, or is it a new
name for the rehash of providing the user with what the user wants? Explain.
I think that Service Oriented Architecture is a new solution to information technology. It breaks
down the phases of a system during the development and integration with flexible. From what I
have read, SOA-based architecture is a suite that is personalized for businesses. This gives
businesses the freedom that they need to be individualized. SOA uses technology, but I don’t
think that it is rehashing what is already there. SOA consists of different layers: Enterprise
Service Layer, Domain Service Layer, and Application Service Layer. These layers In this order
show the layer interaction in SOA.
Based on the article by Pronk, et al. (2007), especially Figure 1, what are the general functions of
processors, software, and networks? What is the classical (von Neumann) architecture of a
computer system?
The general function of a processor is seen as structures performing tasks. The general function
of software is where the application is programmed. Networks and CPU’s or Central Processing
Units regulate the action of the system. According to the article classical architecture of a
computer system consists of memory for storing data (i.e. information and instructions). The
CPU executes those instructions in code that the computer can understand. When the information
is exchanged within the computer system it is coming from input and output units. The devices
that are connected to the computer are called the data bus.
Based on the article by Zhu, et al. (2009), what components or modules of a standard electronic
computer system might be engineered into a bio-chip? What problem in the development of
future electronic computer does the developing bio-chip technology address?
Based on the article, the DNA computer is a modularized computer, which integrates
electronic computer and biochips. It contains an Input Module, Output Module, Control

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Module, Computing Module, and a Memory Module. Like a standard computer, these
modules interact with each other under the control of an electronic computer. This will allow
the DNA computer to carry out computing automatically. Like a standard computer, these
modules can also be upgraded. The problem that the article addressed is the lack of an
efficient method to exchange samples. This means that quick biochips cannot be designed.
However, research is being conducted to solve the problems

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