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POS 355 Week 5 Team assignment Paper.




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Operang System analysis
Operating System Analysis
When considering which operating system for a home or business office computer or
network of computers, it is important to evaluate areas of the different operating systems options.
When evaluating Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and Linux operating
systems it is important to consider the system requirements, the different editions available,
security features, system features, updates and support, user interface and cost effectiveness.
Depending on what a person’s or organization’s needs are will determine which operating system
is the best fit.
Windows XP System Requirements and Physical Memory Limits
Working with XP Professional and Home Edition has the same requirements. These
requirements are a PC with a 233 megahertz or higher (a 300 megahertz + processor speed is
recommended), 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher (128 MB is recommended), 1.5 gigabytes
(GB) of available hard drive space, CD/DVD-ROM DR and also a monitor and video adapter
which supports super VGA or higher-resolution, keyboard, and mouse/pointing device. The
Windows XP Starter Edition has different system requirements. These are 233MHz processor or
better, 256 MB of RAM, Super VGA (800x600) monitor and video, mouse and pointer and also
the keyboard, Graphics that have 32 MB of graphics memory or DirectX 9, and the highly
recommended Internet access. Although Windows XP has minimum system requirements, it also
has limits on the physical memory. The maximum RAM supported for the Starter Edition is 512
MB. The Professional and Home Editions both have a physical memory limit of 4 GB. Windows
XP will not recognize anything over the limits (Microsoft, 2010).
Windows XP Editions

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Operang System analysis
There are two main editions of Windows XP. There is the Home Edition and Professional
Edition. Another edition is the Starter Edition. Each edition has certain aspects that the user will
need to know to determine the proper edition to meet his or her needs. For example, the
Professional Edition may be a must for a business, but for a personal use computer the Home
edition would probably be ideal.
The edition that is called Windows XP starter is much different from the other two. This
edition has limited hardware and only allows a user to run only three programs. XP Starter will
also have features which are removed or disabled from the default. XP Starter is not that
expensive like the other two editions, and it is available in same places.
XP was made to replace windows 2000 and windows NT4. This edition was to replace
the professional edition. The home edition, took place of the version of windows 98/95 and also
ME. The features of this are offline folders and files, remote desktop, encrypting file system,
software installation, roaming user profiles, maintenance, and installation services.
Windows XP Security
Windows XP has many security features offered in different packs. Some packs provide
the ability to make NT files and also allows encrypted files to help us manage the read only and
write permissions. Here are some services packs that XP has to offer.
SP1 was out on September 9, 2002 and contains:
Window massager 4.7
Post RTM security fixes and hot fixes

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Operang System analysis
Compatibility updates
NET framework support
Enabling technologies for like tablet PC
USB 2.0 support
Users can controls defaults applications and the feature in the Microsoft’s bundled programs.
SP2 contains:
WPA encryption compatibility
Wi-Fi support
Pop-up blocker for the Internet explorer 6
Bluetooth support
Great firewall
The service packs come with different features and will be chosen depending on the needs and
requirements of the user.
Windows XP System Features
XP home edition is the newest OS for home users who use windows 98, 95 and
millennium edition (ME). With this new edition it includes advanced and also businesses features
so the company can accomplish more efficiently and productively in the workplace. This new XP
has also improvements over windows 2000 to appeal to both home and businesses users. More

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