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Code of Conduct at workplace Employee Ethics Essay

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UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, WINNEBA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION, KUMASI COURSE: BUSINESS ETHICS NAME: ROBERTA NETTELEY NETTEY ID: 7181790002 LECTURER: DR. GIDEON JOJO AMOS COURSE CODE: OHR 632 QUESTION: WHAT IS A CODE OF CODUCT? IN REFERENCE TO GHANA’S BUSINESS CODE, HIGHLIGHT THE KEY SECTIONS AND ARGUE WHY IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT BUSINESS FIRMS OPERATING IN GHANA SHOULD SIGN-ON TO OR VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO OPERATE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF GHANA’S BUSINESS CODE What is Code of Conduct? In a sense, the code of conduct is a subset of the code of ethics and gives it a real-life application beyond what only seems like philosophical speculation. The code of conduct will give the code of ethics application in a variety of situations. For example, there is a rule in the code of ethics that states that employees are supposed to obey the law at all times. This is a very general rule, and you need to know how it can be applied to a variety of situations. The code of conduct will list which specific laws are meant to be obeyed in the organization’s operations and the industry in general. The employees will then know which laws are most important to their careers and will be better placed to obey these laws. A code of conduct will outline which behaviors aren’t permitted in the organization, especially those which, when caught, might lead to a termination of employment. Such acts as the viewing of unauthorized content on work computers, racial intimidation ...
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