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101 Marketing Strategies by Troy Waugh Book

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Downloaded from 101 Marketing Strategies for Accounting, Law, Consulting, and Professional Services Firms Troy Waugh John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Praise for 101 Marketing Strategies Not only is the book well-written and helpful to me, but I will ask all the attorneys in my firm to read 101 Marketing Strategies. William H. Lassiter, Esq., Managing Partner Lassiter, Tidwell & Hildebrand, PLLC Nashville, TN In a marketplace full of books that take professional services marketing to the level of rocket science, Troy Waugh strips out the rhetoric and delivers the professional services guide to common sense marketing. Taking all the experience that he has gathered over 30 years, Troy delivers a great collection of tips and ideas that can help any professional services firm jump-start their marketing efforts. Every professional should read this book. Gordon Lee, National Director of Marketing BDO Dunwoody LLP Toronto, ON, Canada Troy Waugh’s latest book, 101 Marketing Strategies, is a must read in today’s competitive world of selling professional services. Full of practical, results-based microactions, 101 Marketing Strategies is not about gimmicks, but about the proven effectiveness of building relationships and the discipline of process. Bill Fingland, Managing Partner BKD, LLP Springfield, MO Too often lawyers are too busy practicing law to pay enough attention to the business side of their practice. That’s why 101 Marketing Strategies should be ...
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