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Gastric Esophageal Reflux Disease GERD And PUD Presentation

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GERD AND PUD What is GERD Gastric Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) ✓ Gastric Esophageal Reflux lasting less than a few minutes is normal(Schwartz, 2002) ✓ Categorized as GERD when it progresses to occurring more than 2 times a week (De Giorgi et al., 2006) ✓ Occurs due to weakness to the lower esophageal sphincter resulting in regurgitation(De Giorgi et al., 2006) ✓ GERD can trigger asthma (Schwartz, 2002) ✓ Delay in gastric emptying (De Giorgi et al., 2006) Predisposing Factors ✓ Obesity (Cash et al., 2021) ✓ Stress ✓ Large Meals (Schwartz, 2002) ✓ Smoking (Cash et al., 2021) ✓ Certain drugs ex NSAIDs, Benzos, Calcium channel blockers, Theophylline, Nitrates, anticholinergics (Cash et al., 2021) ✓ Alcohol ✓ Chocolate ✓ Peppermint Patient Presentation (Symptoms) You will… (Cash et al, 2021) ✓ Abdominal pain ✓ Hiccups ✓ Burping ✓ Regurgitation ✓ Chest Pain When to be concerned? Watch for ….. ✓ When there is weight loss involved ✓ If the patient has melena(De Giorgi et al., 2006) ✓ Swallowing difficulty ✓ Severe Pain ✓ When cardiac etiology has not yet been ruled out(De Giorgi et al., 2006) Treatment What next? Medications ✓ Weight loss (De Giorgi et al., 2006) H2 Blockers: (Cash et al., 2021) ✓ Elimination diets (Cash et al., 2021) ➢ Pepcid ✓ Fundoplications (Cash et al., 2021) ✓ Send to a GI specialist if problem persists and medications do not improve symptoms ➢ Tagamet ➢ Zantac PPI: ...
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