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Facial Palsy Nerve of Facial Expression Presentation

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FACIAL PALSY PRESENTER; IGHILE ELLIOT SUPERVISOR; Dr ADEJUMO OUTLINE • INTRODUCTION • DEFINITION • AETIOLOGY • CLASSIFICATION OF FACIAL NERVE INJURY • SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF FACIAL PALSY • DIAGNOSIS AND PROGNOSIS • MANAGEMENT • BELL’S PALSY • CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION • Facial nerve is the 7th cranial nerve, it is the nerve of facial expression because it majorly supplies muscles of facial expression. • Facial nerve function plays am integral part in our everyday lives e.g smile, non-verbal communication, etc. • The term facial palsy generally refrs to weekness of the facial muscles, mainly resulting from temporary or permanent damage to the facial nerve. • Facial palsy not only cause a paresis of the target muscles, but as the nerve is responsible for a range of facial expressions, it causes serious disturbances in social life, facial expression being so important in transferring emotion. INTRODUCTION CONT’D • OTHER FUNCTIONS OF FACIAL NERVE ARE; A. Production of tears from a gland( lacrimal gland) B. Conveying the sense of taste from the front part of the tongue C. The sense of touch at auricular conchae. DEFINITION OF FACIAL PALSY • Facial paralysis represents the end result of a wide array of disorders and heterogeneous etiologies; congenital, traumatic, infection, neoplastic, and metabolic causes. • Although not life threatening, facial paralysis remains relatively common and can have truly severe effects on one’s quality of li ...
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