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ECON 330 North Korea Regional Characteristics Presentation

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Econ 330 Group Project (Korea,Dem. People’s Rep.) Location ● ● Population: 25.55 Million (2018) Pop. Density: 199.54 inhabitants / sq. km. (2008) Basic Facts ● ● ● ● ● ● Population: 25 million Borders China & South Korea GDP: 28.5 billion Extremely centralized & single-party government Titled a “democracy”, but functions as a dictatorial monarchy Since formation, leadership has been handed down through one family only Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages: ● Not landlocked, water on both sides ● Borders China and South Korea Disadvantages: ● Closed economy ● Authoritarian regime Regional Characteristics -East Asia is home to lots of developed countries. -These countries have made the shift from agriculture to industry -North Korea in particular is rich in mineral deposits Illustration of GDP Analyze The Development In The Country HDI: - Life expectancy at birth: 72.3 Expected Years of Schooling: 10.8 Employment to population ratio (% ages 15 and older): 78.2 History After the Japanese surrender at the conclusion of World War 2, the Korean Peninsula was split down the 38th parallel. The USSR claimed the northern half while the United States occupying the southern half. After this, both countries began to initiate their own philosophy of government; the USSR (Communism) and the US (Democracy). With this, they also instilled leaders to lead and influence the newly formed North and South Korea. As for the North, Kim II-sung was put ...
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